NeoBux PTC/PTR Review

neobux rating review

Brief Overview

Payment per click: 0.01$ (30 sec ads)
Click by refferal: 0.01$
Payout: first time 2$..5$ (Instant Payment)
Ads a day: 5-7 advertisements
Upgrading possibility: Yes

NeoBux is a great and trustworthy ptc site which can be trusted for 100%. I've been a member of this ptc site for quite a time and I haven't had any problem at all. The payments are instantly and easy to achieve with 0.01$ a click.

Compared to other ptc sites there is no other ptc site that comes close to the quality of NeoBux.
I've tried many ptc sites, some are nice but mostly they have a to high payout with a to low click per ad. Which makes them an unlucrative way to earn some extra cash.

A brief overview

1. You can rent referrals instead of buying them. It's a great solution to have active users that click for you and to get rid of inactive ones.

2. It has a friendly user interface and a nice web design with a good security against hackers and cheaters. What we can't say about other ptc sites.

3. Instant payment with a low payout!

Trust me and try this one out because, there isn't a better ptc site like Neobux to earn your money with.

All you need to do is spent a couple of minutes a day to click some ads while you're searching on the net. It's a great way to earn some money with an little bit of effort.

neobux payment proof
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Renato Lima said...

You've made a good review!
Actually, the best PTC in my opinion is NEOBUX. In fact, this is the one that paid me. I recomend it too.

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md razu Ahmed said...

What you get from RSC Bux - Main Benefits :

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